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Consumerlite Inc Services

Management Consultation 

  • With a track record of assisting numerous small business owners who seek guidance and support in establishing their foundation, we offer opportunity along with insight to discuss how we can accelerate your growth and bring you closer towards your goals. 

Fashion Consultation  

  • Services are provided online or in person at the behest of client. Expenses and or additional requests by client are to be reviewed prior to experts commute. Depending on where clients reside our services provided amount to $200 per hour. Our service reflects the utilization of obtaining more than just the expertise on what style is, it is the fundamental path of crossing the threshold to being an ICON. 
Media Service Consultation 
  • Services are provided online or in person at the behest of client. Time & patience are key to producing quality media service. Our team has had the pleasure of working with Newark Rapper Method Man as well as the producers to "P Diddys" 1997 No Way Out album. Services amount to $150 per hour. Our ability to decipher audio yet paired with exquisite scenery that matches the viewers content has been complimented by many genres in the field of media.
Consumerlite Inc Subscription
  • Under this subscription subscribers are awarded a surprise Gift box which includes our top Fashion picks for the month. Fashion Picks are decided by a poll where the Consumerlite community votes on the trendiest pieces of clothing every month. As we look to accommodate our community of consumers, subscriptions are layered in tiers. Tier 1 will total $50 every month, Tier 2 $100 and Tier 3 $200. With positive reviews flowing in from all of our subscribers we are assured that this will not be one to miss.

Service requests are submitted through our Membership program